What are the benefits for gold account?

A welcome refund of AED 2500 (depending on eligibility). In addition, AED 2500 for referring your friends to Gold. Access to USGBC Live members are eligible for discounts by registering for USGBC Live, an exclusive event that combines the expertise of the largest community of green building leaders with the data, ideas, stories and leadership of the thousands of LEED and green building projects around the world to produce interesting and interesting conversations about the future of buildings, cities and communities. USGBC+ magazine USGBC+ is your member magazine and explores the lives and work of the people who design and create intelligent, high-performance buildings and spaces, bringing to light the creativity and passion behind every green building project.

India, despite being one of the largest consumers of gold in the world, plays a negligible role in the global bullion market and in the process of determining the price of gold.

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